Sweet History landmark (photo)

Residents of Queen Square

  1. Get pupils to visit the Queen Square related sites of the Sweet History? trail:
    Site 18. The Custom House
    Site 19. Queen Square
    Site 20. The American Consulate
    Site 21. 33-35 Queen Square
    Site 22. Number 29 Queen Square
  2. Download and print off the ‘Slavery Obscured’ document ‘Some Eighteenth-Century Residents of Queen Square’. Give to the pupils to read and discuss:
    Download ‘Some Eighteenth-Century Residents of Queen Square’ (PDF)
  3. Get the pupils to research what Bristol looked like and what clothing people wore by looking at digitised images of paintings by T.S Rowbotham from the Braikenridge collection/Broad Quay, c1760 on the Bristol City Museum website.
  4. Ask the pupils to choose one of the residents of Queen Square and write a diary extract for them (a day in the life of…). Pupils could also draw what they think their chosen resident might have looked liked. Finally, ask the pupils to dramatise their diary extract and perform a short drama piece demonstrating what life would have been like for a resident of Queen Square, to the rest of the class.

This activity can support the delivery of the Art and Design and Literacy curriculum.