Sweet History landmark (photo)

Quaker Burial Ground

Address: Redcliffe Hill

Date: Georgian period (1714-1837)

The Christian religious group called the Quakers (The Religious Society of Friends) used this small area of land as their burial ground for a number of years.

By the 18th century some Quaker families had created very successful businesses and were wealthy traders. In Bristol there were several Quaker ship owners and merchants. Charles and John Scandrett were Bristol Quakers who owned slave ships and the wealthy Goldney family made their money by making brass and iron goods that were traded in West Africa to buy slaves.

In the early years of the slave trade there were some slave ships and sugar plantations plantation owned by Quakers, but by the 1760s Quakers decided that slavery was morally wrong and began to very actively campaign against the trade. Quakers then went on to be leaders of the Abolitionist movement.

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